We combined the Gold and Caviar with a highly active lightening cocktail, for a lightened and even skin tone with a visible radiance effect. Thus, the anti-inflammatory effect of the gold particles calms down the skin, so the result is a balanced skin. The Caviar Extract symbolizes life and renewal, so that the skin will be nourished, hydrated and regenerated.

Why 24k Gold for skincare?

Using 24k gold skin care serum has become popular nowadays. It was popularly used in ancient times by the ancient Japanese, Romans, and Egyptians for skin care.

The benefits of gold for skin include the following:

  • The benefits of gold for face are to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and spots.
  • Using gold for the face helps stimulate cells, nerves, and veins in your body, to obtain healthy skin.
  • 24 Karat Gold Serum helps prevent premature skin aging by reducing skin dryness, and fighting free radicals as an antioxidant.
  • Contributes to skin lightening.
  • It reduces collagen levels in the skin with age.
  • Gold face serum use may reduce the breakdown of elastin; This prevents the skin from sagging, and increases its elasticity.
  • The use of gold for the face helps in improving blood circulation, thus it helps to moisturize and maintain the skin. And the tiny gold particles are absorbed into the skin, giving a rich glow. This makes the skin healthy, refreshed and radiant.
  • It enables to treat sun damage; By reducing the production of melanin, which is responsible for pigmentation of the skin when exposed to the sun.
  • Gold has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help oxygen to penetrate into the skin to regenerate cells and smooth  acne content goes here.

Why Caviar for skincare?

Many ingredients can be found in different types of skincare cosmetics but caviar is proven to be one of the most beneficial ingredients in the best face serums; It has proven effective in tightening the skin and resisting skin aging.

Studies have shown that caviar contains antioxidant properties that fortify the skin, and that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are two nutrients rich in caviar that often lead to glowing skin. Other researchers found that caviar is an ideal option as a treatment for wrinkles by stimulating collagen.

The caviar is rich in nutrients, it contains many beneficial elements to enhance skin strength, including:

  • Water.
  • Glaucids.
  • Proteins.
  • Fats.
  • Fatty acids, palmitic, oleic, linoleic acids, in addition to EPA and DHA.
  • Caviar is rich in many minerals; That includes sodium, selenium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins like D and A.

Vitamin C benefits for skincare Serums

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps replenish other antioxidants in the body. It improves iron absorption, and plays a vital role in building connective tissue and wound healing. It also delays the harmful effects of free radicals on the skin and body.

On the skincare level, vitamin C is used for the face to protect the skin from pollution, and to stimulate collagen.

Vitamin C skincare benefits include the following serum:

  • Vitamin C for face helps produce collagen, which rejuvenates skin and acts as a wrinkle serum.
  • Vitamin C for the face protects the skin from sunburn; Vitamin C’s antioxidant properties play a role in collagen synthesis and aid in the treatment of sunburn. It was also found that vitamin C reduces the effects of burns caused by ultraviolet rays; That is why we find vitamin C included in sunscreens, but it is not considered a substitute for them.
  • Among the most prominent benefits of vitamin C for skin is that it is included in many skin lightening products; Because it works to protect the skin from discoloration, and contributes to lightening the skin, and spots.
  • Vitamin C inhibits the production of dimers of pyrimidine, which are the cause of skin cancer.

Vitamin C for face improves the texture of the skin through the formation of elastin, which increases the thickness of the skin cells, makes them retain moisture, and protects them from drying out.

Caviar extract, which symbolizes life and renewal, as it works to nourish, moisturize and renew the skin.

Gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes the complexion by reducing inflammation, reduces redness and protects against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and sun damage.

Vitamin C aids in the natural regeneration process of your skin, helping your body to repair and regenerate damaged skin cells to reduce aging lines and wrinkles.

Many studies have been carried out to prove the efficacy of the gold, caviar and vitamin C cocktail. 

The Caviar is From the Acipenseridae family, the sturgeon is a fish characterized by the presence of bony plates along its body and a long stiff snout. Over the course of its life, which can last a century, it grows slowly and generally reaches 2 meters in length and weighs 80 kilos. The largest specimens can measure as much as 9 meters in length weighing 1,500 kilos. Sturgeon is anadromous, meaning that they leave salt waters and swim back up against the current to lay their eggs in fresh water. The female is much priced for its roe (ovary), filled with precious eggs. Filtered then washed in water and drained, these eggs are transformed into a luxury product: caviar. Among the 24 species of sturgeon some of them provide caviar such as Beluga, Sevruga, Averta, Ossetra, Baeri (farmed caviar) The color of the eggs varies from species to species.  

The Caviar is rich in:  

  • Proteins such as vitellin,  
  • Lipids: oleic acid (29%), palmitic (21%), omega 3 (18%) and omega 6,
  • Oligo-elements: phosphorus and iodine  

The gold of the sea is the ace in the pack for the precious beauty of the skin. Nourished, hydrated, regenerated, it becomes firmer and looks younger!  

FINE SILK GOLD COMPLEX is a bio-conjugated material in which FINE SILK PEP is conjugated with colloidal gold particles. FINE SILK GOLD is a partially hydrolyzed silk fibroin powder and is highly compatible with skin and hair. Gold as an active ingredient in FINE SILK PEP GOLD COMPLEX is a new type of gold particle, prepared using a process that gives precise control over its size distribution and surface properties.  Also, it has a unique reddish-purple color that is from colloidal gold particle, so it is unchangeable natural colorant.  


  • Free radical scavenging effect  
  • UV filtering capability  
  • Anti-inflammation & Detoxification  
  • Good moisturizing and Anti-bacterial capability  

Apply our gold and caviar serum on a damp skin in your night skincare routine, after usage Avoid exposure to sunlight , use it once a day in the evening.

( Each bottle is claimed by our customers to last 2 – 3 months )

  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Suitable for ages above 25.


  • What is Caviar?
    Caviar is roe or eggs from the sturgeon family of fish. It’s considered a delicacy, often eaten raw as an appetizer, with some caviar fetching a high price. Historically, the most priced types of caviar came from the Caspian and Black Seas, but due to over fishing, caviar is now produced around the world.
  • Why is Caviar used for skin?
    Caviar is a highly effective moisturizing agent, in fact, and is primarily used to hydrate the skin and make it more soft and supple.
  • Why use gold in my skincare routine ?
    the metal can calm acne inflammation, reduce skin redness and protect against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and sun damage.
  • Does it remove wrinkles and fine lines?
    While this product is not primarily formulated to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, it can help prevent the wrinkles because of the gold agent.
  • Can I use it as a moisturizer?
    No, This product should only be used at night because it contains vitamin C.




30 ml




1.041 fl.oz.

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  1. Eva

    I wanted to write the review after trying the product for a while and I love it. My skin feels so much better and my acne is almost fully gone even though I haven’t used it for long.

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