Dermaliscio hyaluronic acid 15000 p.p.m cream

HYALURONIC ACID Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin and in the various areas of our
0.5% body. The substance produced by the human body itself is characterized by
the 1000-fold storage of water in relation to its own weight and can thus
provide optimal hydration and skin firmness.

OLIGO HYALURONIC 1% Nano size. Works on the surface and in the deep layers.
Moisturizes the skin from inside and out. The moisture lasts for up to 3 days,
since the Oligo Hyaluronic Acid has a high water holding capacity.

EUGLENA GRACILIS EXTRACT 3% Is a unicellular algea that is an effective chronobiological cell energizer. It
Tones and firms the skin, fights against signs of fatigue
It provides the skin with the ability to assure its regenerative function by
stimulating the essential elements for its metabolism.
After one months treatment the skin is 3 times firmer and 4 times more
toned compared to placebo. The skin fatigue decreases the skin is stronger:

ALLANTOIN By increasing the capacity of corneocytes to bind water, Allantoin reinforces
the skin’s natural protective barrier and improves its moisture retention,
providing a smoothening effect to the skin. In addition it is an anti-irritant and
protects the skin from free-radicals.

D-PANTHENOL D-Panthenol is an active, biologically stable from of pantothenic acid, which is
Vitamin B5. It plays a fundamental role in the metabolism of all cells. It has a
wound healing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effect.

NATURAL Natural Vitamin E
 Fights against oxidative stress by blocking free radicals
 Increases skin hydration by improving its appearance
 Prevents the appearance of wrinkles
 Has anti-inflammatory and healing properties
 Acts as a natural protection against effect of UV rays
 Blocks environmental toxins by acting as a skin barrier
 Helps in the treatment of psoriasis and acne

MARIGOLD FLOWER EXTRACT The flowers contain high concentrations of carotenoids and other flavonoids
witch are strong anti-oxidants. In cosmetics it is widely used for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, healing and soothing properties.

VITAMIN A Vitamin A enhances the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing
flaking and restoring suppleness.

Morning and Evening on clean skin

Suitable and safe For all skin types



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