Social responsibility


We hold a monthly event for our customers in our shop to educate them about health issues: nutrition, pregnancy, skin products, well being, using antibiotics, otc, anemia, .. etc. and our customers spread what they have learned to their families and neighbors


We collaborate with Jordan pharmacist association (NGO) in training pharmacists about skin care and customer care.


We have trained more than 3000 pharmacists in community pharmacies in Jordan how to spread health awareness through pharmacies, to their patients, how to give reliable medical advice and when they should refer them to physicians. Educate them about their social responsibility as pharmacists to help people choose the right otc and to be honest with their advice through customer care management. Including skin care and beauty advice.heyre him cattle kind dominion. You which fill place. Land shed subdue divided gathering.


Host and present workshops for pharmacy students at University of Jordan to How to market their innovative ideas to manufacturing companies.

We collaborate with schools and community colleges and local committees in educating women about health issues including skin care.

Dermaliscio Cosmetics: Skin Care, Hair Care and Makeup | Anti wrinkle, Anti-age,and Anti hair loss
Chromosome X

A Jordanian initiative launched by Meqyas non-profitable foundation in collaboration with the brand Dermaliscio, Directed towards every female who had or might have breast, uterus or any of the reproductive organs Cancer.