Dermaliscio Voluminous Extra Black Mascara is uniquely formulated to resist clumping, keep lashes soft, and build lashes up to 5x their natural thickness.

Volume Maximizing Brush quickly thickens and builds lashes evenly for a full and bold look. It’s infused with Castor oil that helps Resists clumping and flaking, and leaves lashes supple and soft to the touch. and also elongates them while wearing.

This Mascara combines three effects, it volumes, elongates the lashes and create definition for the eyes. It was formulated to stay all day with the same effect! 

This Mascara is infused with castor oil, which is considered a growth agent for your lashes. Heavy metals free, which are often used by other brands to increase blackness of the Mascara.

  • Apply one coat for instantly charged lashes. 
  • Apply two coats for mega volume 
  • Apply three coats for a full extreme volume 

Tip: rotate the brush 90° during application of the mascara for a result with even greater impact. 

Suitable and safe For all skin types


  • Is it safe to use castor oil on lashes?
    Castor oil is one of the active ingredients we incorporated in our formula, it’s totally safe to use as it not only promotes lash growth but also make your lashes clamp resisting. However Raw castor oil can cause burning your lashes if used daytime, therefor we infused castor oil with complexes that benefits you lashes and promotes growth without the side effects of raw castor oil. 
  • Does it stay all day?
    Our Mascara stays all day for up to 24h. 






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  1. derma (verified owner)

    best mascara ever

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