The Dermaliscio Makeup Micro Blending Brush is a professional makeup brush that features a mini, defined tapered brush head, and cruelty-free synthetic bristles that make blending a dream! Whether you’re delicately blending along the inner corners, drawing super-thin lines or blurring between the edges, just about any effect or look is within reach when this makeup brush your kit.

The soft, synthetic fibers do not absorb the product but release it on to the skin, providing precise, flawless coverage. The high-quality bristles are flexible, durable and extremely effective at applying different textures

The bristles are designed to not absorb the product but release it completely onto the skin, ensuring a precise and flawless application.

When applying the product, the synthetic fibers maintain their compact shape for a uniform finish.

The brush can be used to create graphic or blended looks, even in very dark shades. Apply the product using the flat side of the brush. Blend with the tip of the brush.

Suitable and safe For all skin types


Package Color

White and gold






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