Dermaliscio introduces Walk the line cat eyes eye marker. This long lasting, smudge eyeliner glides on easily for creamy color that lasts up to 24 hours without smudging. 

This eyeliner has an Extra black color, applies easily with its marker brush and stays all day. 

Its soft and flexible tip reliably follows the eye contour, allowing for an absolutely clean and precise line, with build-able thickness. 

Intensely pigmented and brilliant, Ultimate Pen Long Wear Eyeliner’s texture adheres perfectly to the lid, tracing a full line that holds over time. 

Dermaliscio is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of ingredients.  

Apply before eyeshadow on eyelids with no makeup to avoid the tip from coming into contact with powders, which can reduce its performance. 

If the tip comes into contact with powders, clean it by wiping it on a tissue. 

For optimal preservation, we recommend capping the pen well after each use and store it by keeping the tip faced downwards or horizontally. 

Suitable and safe For all skin types


  • Is it long lasting?
    This product is long lasting, water and smudge resistant.
  • Is this black?
    This eyeliner is extra black.









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