The Highlighter is smooth to the touch and gives the skin a glistening sheen. Can be used when contouring.

Natural nude glowing. highly recommend it for a natural healthy glow look!

This newly launched highlighter provides the best glow whether you are looking for a sun kissed look or a soft glam look.

This formula is talc and silicon free, which is a toxic material on the skin on the long run. it’s compact particles are light on the skin to give it a natural glow.

Powder highlighter that gives the skin brilliant highlight that doesn’t cake. it’s shear soft formula allows you to build up he product to achieve the glow you are looking for in a highlighter.

A non-drying formula that wears comfortably all day long. The lightweight texture of this highlighter applies smoothly and evenly for a second-skin feel, whether using a brush, sponge, or your fingers.

Dermaliscio is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality of ingredients. it is mainly free from Parabens.

Use our Dermaliscio Maxi powder brush or the Dermaliscio Blending detailed brush and dip in the product, use soft strokes ( one swipe should be enough to get plenty of product) start applying on the higher cheekbone, the tip of the nose, your cupid’s bow and anywhere you feel like it.

Suitable and safe For all skin types


  • Is this pigmented?
    Our Dermaliscio highlighter is highly pigmented shimmery colour, while still providing a natural look which you can build from day to night.
  • Should I apply with my fingers or a brush?
    We highly recommend to apply such products that go on your face with a clean brush, that way you’ll protect your skin from breaking our due to germs and bacteria.





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