This Serum has been specially formulated with a combination of multiple highly-active ingredients to provide an immediate action (within 30 minutes) and lasting intensive lifting effect together with an improvement of dark circles and puffiness. The combination of active ingredients visibly reduces wrinkle depth, soothes the skin and adds moisture.

Dermaliscio eye serum has many advantages, including: –

  • It is a combination of three highly effective ingredients, providing an immediate effect within 30 minutes.
  • It treats eye wrinkles by reducing their depth, and contributes to treating dark circles around the eyes.
  • Gives the skin a velvety smooth texture, and an eye-catching radiance.
  • Moisturizes and protects the eye contour.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Subjected to nickel, chromium and cobalt testing.
  • Subject to microbiological purity test.
  • Free from preservatives and perfumes.
  • Free from oils, alcohol and colorants.The Multi Active Eye Serum noticeably rejuvenates and Refreshes the look of the eyes.

This eye serum contains a unique anti-aging triple action formula of cassava glucan, tripeptide, hyaluronic acid, plus vitamin B12.

·         Cassava glucans

Derived from the cassava plant, it has moisturizing properties that provide instant firming and reduce fine wrinkles.

It works to reduce dark circles.

·         Tripeptide

Results of a study backed by the National Institutes of Health indicated its effectiveness in increasing collagen production in sun-damaged skin.

Its benefits are manifested in reducing wrinkles and preventing their appearance.

·         Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid reduces puffiness around the eyes due to dark circles, and tightens fine lines around this delicate area.

·         Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for the body. Its deficiency is a serious problem; It supports mood, memory, promotes heart health, and is necessary for the formation of red blood cells, and to prevent anemia, this helps in treating skin diseases.

Multiple studies have been carried out to test the action of the multi active eye serum, researches have shown that 70% of users have shown improvement when it comes to eye wrinkles and fine lines.

A treatment for eye wrinkles: 

In Vitro Tests

  • Anti-inflammatory effect of peptide
    Regulation of UV induced IL6 level produced by keratinocytes
  • Drainage stimulation of dipeptide VW
    Inhibition of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE)

Clinical study: The effect of youth 

it have been shown that 20 female volunteers, aged between 40 and 60, presenting a chronic bags under the eyes.


  • Mean decrease of bag thickness = – .20 mm
  • maximum value = -.69 mm
  • Number of volunteers with a reduction in the bag volume = 70%

A treatment for dark circles: 

In Vitro Tests

  • Ability of NHS to bind iron
    Measurement of the decrease of PGE2 release by
    keratinocytes and fi broblasts after UVB irradiation, with
    dermaliscio multi active eye serum
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
    Cells in culture are incubated for 3 days with chrysin.
    The gene expression for UGT1 A1is determined by RTPCR.
  • Stimulation of expression of UGT
    Dermaliscio Multi active eye serum demonstrates anti-inflammatory
    properties similar to those of aspirin.

Clinical study: Anti-dark circle efficacy
22 female volunteers applied to the contour of one eye serum for 56 days against placebo on the other one. The anti-dark circle effect is
assessed by image analysis and measurement of the colour parameters (L,a,b system) by a specific software.

Apply it on the face at night before going to sleep, and leave it until the morning, so you get smooth skin, and super freshness. You can also use Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum as a daily routine.

Each bottle is claimed by our customers to last 2 – 3 months 

Suitable and safe For all skin types


  • What does immediate action mean?
    The immediate result means the effect that the serum gives from the time it is applied around the eye, a three-dimensional membrane is extremely flexible and results in an immediate stretching effect, smoothing the skin in a homogeneous manner and filling in wrinkles to improve the colour and appearance of the skin.
  • What makes these products different?
    Medical materials made from them, our products are safe for the skin.
  • What is the Cassava plant?
    Cassava is a tropical root vegetable that can be used along with potatoes, carrots, radishes and other tubers. Cassava is also used in flour, which is a kind of starch required in kitchens around the globe. Dry cassava flour can also be bought from grocery stores. Finding fresh roots of cassava plants is almost impossible because they tend to rot very quickly.
  • What are the benefits for the skin of the cassava plants?
    1. Soothes And Brightens Your Complexion
    2-Hydrates The Skin
    3-Provides Nourishment
  • Why is it red?
    It is red due to the B12 present in it’s ingredients.



30 ml




1.041 fl.oz.


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